Under construction

24. March 2015 20:08  /  News  /  , ,
Under construction


Thank you for checking out my site. Unfortunately I’m in the process of moving from Apple’s old iWeb platform to  the versatile WordPress format. So I’m afraid there is nothing much to see (or listen to) now. One of the reasons (aside from the obvious) is that I want my site to be accessible and look great on mobile platforms. In todays society we access the net more through our mobile devises then our computers, and I’m afraid that iWeb was created in a time when adaptable webpages was not a big thing. This attempt is like renovating an old run down house. What do I keep and what do I need to replace, simply because the wood is too damaged to save? I suspect that I will not upload older news-posts.

Please check back in a few days or so.

All best, Ricardo